SC CRAINIC SRL is close to you since 1998 in Romania.

You can find us at the address: Street Aurel Vlaicu 17/3, city of Cluj-Napoca

Our activity is marketing proffesional equipments for slaughterhouses and butcheries.

At the end of the ’90, I was working in the furniture sector; sometimes it was necessary for me to go in the Apuseni Mountains with the workers, to chop fir. At the luch break, when the grill was hot and just right, I remember how I was struggeling to cut the meat with the “brisca” – a small and blunt tipe of pocket knife. I could not stop thinking at those German knives sharp as a razor.

After that, a while later, like in every village in December, in the village where I was living, early in the morning, I could hear the cries of the pigs that were to be slaughtered. Then, I was feeling my blood running cold, I was arming myself with a “slice” of palica (a traditional transilvanian brandy), I was taking the horse and ran into the nearby wood for not hearing anything. Between us now, it is nice to be in the woods in summer, especially in good company, but in December…

So, I came to think that back home, in Italy, the pigs were not yelling. After a while, somebody told me that in our country the pigs were stunned and that they do not even realize what is happening… basically, they went to the slaughter as a bride to her wedding.

This is how I began, in the year 2000, to bring to Romania the first equipments for slaughterhouses. Since then I’ve made a long road along with a team of young, capable people, with the will of making their work right. Of course, there have been made mistakes, the prerogative of all the youngsters, but the most important is the fact that they have that strong will to learn.

We consider that in every activity there has to be a profit, but our pride is the satisfaction of the customer and for that we are endeavoring to make everithing at our best.